Emotion Restaurant


Emotion Restaurant is located at the top floor of Hanoi Emotion Hotel. Nice setting, charming decoration, panoramic view of the city that will allow you an enjoyable moment. Stay at Hanoi Emotion Hotel and enjoy delicious meals.


The breakfast is included while you stay with us. Not like other same size hotel, Hanoi Emotion Hotel offers the buffets breakfast with plenty of meals and drinks similar to a 4 stars service and it is a big highlight of our hotel.

Most of our customers say : "Today, I have an enormous breakfast!" Here are some presentations of the buffet breakfast you will have. Please know we change the dishes everyday and they are here only representative.

Standard international choice
- Eggs Fried on spot upon your request
- Salad
- Bacon
- Ham
- Cheese and butter
- Local fruits
- Coffee
- Orange and Anana juice
- Teas of different choice
- Breads of different choice 

The added Vietnamese dishes: - Fried NEM (Fried spring roll)
- Fried rice
- Vietnamese noodle Soup ( chicken or beef)
- Chicken soup with mushroom
- Fried Noodle 
- Fried rice with salted egg
- Ruffled fried fish...

If you are a vegetarian, please inform us before arriving then we can serve you the best.


Open from 10.00 AM to 22.00 PM every day. Our restaurant brings you a great fusion of European and Asian delicacies. Especially, you may earn extensive and fantastic dining options with authentic Vietnamese culinary delights.

We also create special menu for you to catch the quintessence of Hanoi cuisine, the charming soul of our endearing city. Hanoi Emotion Restaurant is sure to please your taste and needs whether it is for a business lunch with partners or a gourmet dinner with your loved ones.


The Emotion Bar is a great place to enjoy superb cocktails. We serve an extensive selection of wines, cold beer and snacks. 
Enjoying a glass of wine and try delicious dishes with friends is the wonderful experience that Emotion Bar would like to share with you.